Thanks to all 74 shooters who showed up and took advantage of some nice hot shooting weather.  SCAPSA has been a great host to us, thank you Bob and Bill for all your support.  Scores are posted.

Couple of items.

1.  Read the rules we operate under.   We have people who shot a few rounds of 00 Buck shot.   We have shooters who do not know the divisions they are shooting.   We are available at the matches.  If you dont know something,  Ask or send me an email.

2.  Scoreing,   We had an issue with one squad on this.  I need all of you to be able to help score the stages.  If you have been shooting for a year or 2 you can and should at least be able to score for your squad.  An unhit target is either a paper target with no holes in it or a piece of steel that did not fall.  A failure to neutralize is a paper target with only 1 hit that is not an A zone hit.  This is clearly written on the score sheet.  I will go over this at the next match brief.  Please pay attention to these details.

3.  I see some shooters with mariginal glasses.  Get yourself a good pair of safety glasses with an impact rating.  Same goes for Prescription eyewear,  get the impact polycarbonate.  Some of you saw where I was hit in the head with a round that bounced back.  1 inch lower and it would have hit me in the right eye.  Stuff bounces back.  Get good glasses and have your friends and family get some too if they are going to come and watching. 

4.  See you all at the Forest Lake Match on Sept 7.