Wow what a turn out on what might have been the most oppressive day of heat this year.  We had 66 shooters attend the match and shoot 4 3 Gun Nation Classifiers, and 2 additional stages.  Thanks to Ron and the staff at Forest Lake for the hospitality.  

Jomar covered an item on mnguntalk in which we once again had equipment issues.  Porting on shotguns and or ported chokes puts you in open.  Please read the rules. 

Stages flowed fairly well for what we had designed as a large match.  I was impressed with all that wanted to come shoot the 3 gun nation stuff.  I will hopefully have all that data uploaded there by the end of the week.

The next match for 3 gun is Oct 5 at SCAPSA,  there is a tactical shotgun match at FLSC on Sunday Sept, 16.