The Forest Lake Sportsmen’s Club, in association with the Minnesota 3-Gun Group, is proud to announce the club’s first 3-Gun match to be held on Saturday, September 7th. This date presents a great opportunity to the 3-gunners who were going to attend the Ozarks 3-Gun Championship in Missouri, which was cancelled, to still have a great 3-gun match that weekend.

We will be having 5-6 stages to include three or four 3-Gun Nation classifier stages. We will be shooting one stage with rifle targets outs to 300 yard. It is important that you know your rifle zero as we cannot risk any rounds being fired over the berms. You will be asked about your zero during registration. Take the time before the match to get to know your rifle’s zero and bullet drop. The match is not the time to be testing or playing around with your zero.

We have no round count yet, but plan on bringing about 150 rounds for each gun plus 10 slugs just to be safe. Largest birdshot we allow is 7.5 shot. NO STEEL CORE AMMO ALLOWED. If it sticks to a magnet, please do not bring it. We will be checking ammo on all shooters especially on stages where we’re using rifle on steel targets.

Set-up will begin at 7:30 AM. The more help, the better and faster we can get going. Registration starts at 9:00 AM. Shooters’ Meeting starts at 9:30 AM. Shooting begins at 10:00 AM. Match fee will be $25. Those who wants to have their classifier stage scores submitted to 3-Gun Nation will need to pay an additional $3 per stage 3-Gun Nation fee. If we have 3 classifier stages, it’ll be $9.00. 4 will be $12.00. This $3 fee per stage is what 3-Gun Nation charges. Please try to bring exact change.

You can still sign up for 3 Gun Nation if you want but you don’t need to be a member to shoot, only to register your classifieres with them.

See you there,