MN 3Gun Group provides practical and affordable quality training courses. The training courses are designed to have a good student to instructor ratio, so we could provide a bit of personalized training to each student.  MN 3Gun Group Instructors are veteran law enforcement officers serving as Firearms Instructors and veteran 3-Gunners bringing with them years of experience from shooting major matches throughout the United States.


MN3GG 3-Gun Intro and Skills Builder Course – April 8, 2023

Minnesota 3-Gun Group’s goal is to provide practical and affordable quality training. We are proud to once again put on our popular 3-Gun Intro Course. The instructors are veteran 3-Gunners bringing with them years of experience from shooting major matches throughout the United States.

3-GUN INTRO COURSE DESCRIPTION: This is a ½ day course designed around introductory skills of 3-Gun. The course is designed for newer shooters to the sport as well as those shooters who have had limited training in the use of the firearms employed in 3-Gun.

Please note: THIS IS NOT A BASIC FIREARMS COURSE. Participants must know and have the fundamental firearms handling and safety skills.

The course will cover safety and match procedures, the different Divisions and the necessary gears and accessories. Firearms manipulation as well as transitioning from one firearm to the next will also be covered. There will be live-fire training with each firearm.

• Handgun (w/ 3 magazines), rifle (w/ 3 magazines), and shotgun. All guns must be in good working order and sighted in.
• Handgun holster, preferably kydex-type material with a retention. The holster must cover the trigger and trigger guard.
• Magazine and/or shotshell pouches are preferred but not necessary (can load out of pockets).

• 100 rounds of rifle ammunition, must be lead core, no steel core/green tip
• 100 rounds of pistol ammunition, no steel core
• 100 rounds of shotgun, birdshot, no steel shot, low brass #7 ½ or 8 shot
• 5 slugs

REGISTRATION: Course fee is $60. Registrations will be in a first come first serve basis. Click HERE to register.

Due to associated costs with putting on these classes, cancellation requests will need to be received before the end of the day on April 5th to receive a full refund (minus the credit card processing fee of $2.04), or before 8AM on April 7th for a 50% refund (minus the credit card processing fee of $2.04). After the 8AM deadline on April 7th, no refunds will be granted.

Please contact Jomar (jomar.mn3gg@gmail.com) if you have any questions.