Our sport is a volunteer sport, so assistance with set-up is needed to get the match going on time and with clean-up after the match. MN3GG is known for a strong workforce of volunteers who make set-up and clean-up a part of their match day. No one, including us MN3GG administrators who will have spent hours planning and prepping for the match, personally makes money from the matches. We love our sport, we appreciate our volunteers, so we are all volunteers as well.

Our match schedule is posted on the Match Schedule page.  We operate our local matches at 3 of our partner range clubs:

On match day, set-up will begin at 7:30AM. Registrations will be on-site and begins at 8:30AM. The Shooter’s Meeting will begin at 9:30AM if the set-up is complete. Shooting will begin at 10AM.  The match typically runs around 5 hours, so please bring snacks and drinks as we don’t break for lunch.

New shooters are asked to identify themselves during registration so we can make sure you are placed in a group with veteran shooters who can assist in guiding you through match.  We will also hold a short New Shooters’ Meeting after the regular Shooters’ Meeting for the new shooters.  We encourage new shooters to ask questions when in any doubt.  Our goal is for everyone to have a great time, but more importantly, to be safe.

Our matches usually consist of 5 stages (courses of fire). We recommend all shooters to bring a minimum of 100 rounds each of pistol, rifle, and shotgun ammunition and 10 slugs. STEEL CORE AMMO is strictly prohibited, if it sticks to a magnet, please don’t bring it to the match. Shotgun birdshot ammo must not be bigger than #7.5. High brass is not needed and we set up shotgun targets to be neutralized with Improved Cylinder or Modified chokes.

Match fee is $25 for adults, and $15 for juniors.

Shooters are highly encourage to familiarize themselves with the Match & Safety Rules.  We operate under the Cold Range Rules, meaning no loaded firearms at anytime except under the direction of a Range Officer on a stage, and no handling of firearms outside of the designated safety areas.

Match cancellations is almost always caused by weather conditions.  We will not allow a match to take place under extreme weather conditions that endangers our shooters’ safety.  For the most part, we will likely cancel a match if:

  • thunderstorms with lighting is present in the area
  • non-stop heavy rainfall expected to last through the match time
  • predicted dangerous heat or cold temperatures

We will try to make the match cancellation determination as early as possible.  We post match cancellations on our website and Facebook page, as well as email notifications from the MN Shoot Schedule and Calendar.