We will be having 4-5 stages and may include a 3-Gun Nation classifier stage. We have no round count yet, but plan on bringing about 100 rounds for each gun plus 10 slugs just to be safe. Largest birdshot we allow is 7.5 shot. NO STEEL CORE AMMO ALLOWED. If it sticks to a magnet, please do not bring it. We will be checking ammo on all shooters especially on stages where we’re using rifle on steel targets.

Set-up will begin at 8:00 AM. The more help, the better and faster we can get going. Registration starts at 9:00 AM. Shooters’ Meeting starts at 9:30 AM. Shooting begins at 10:00 AM. SCAPSA’s match fee is $20-$25. If we have a classifier stage, anyone who wants to have their classifier stage scores submitted to 3-Gun Nation will need to pay an additional $3 fee that 3-Gun Nation charges. Please try to bring exact change. 

See you there.