Wow what a weekend.  I tallied it up and from Thursday to Sunday I was at the range for 55 hours, and that doesn’t include sleeping in my tent Saturday night.


Thanks to all of you, the competitors, you brought the competition.  One of our goals in setting up a match is to meet your expectations for challenges.    Jomar, Brian and I tried to provide you with many shooting opportunities that would test a variety of different skills.


It was great to see many familiar faces and meet some new shooters.  With the exception of the rain out on Saturday evening the match proceeded along schedule.


Ron Westberg, range manager for Forest Lake Sportsman’s Club, and his wife Dawn were great hosts and made sure we had many resources, thank you.


A huge thanks to the 25 match staff, we asked a lot out of you and you delivered.  I said this at the awards and I mean it even more now, thank you my friends.


The Match Sponsors donated some very generous prizes.  The whole prize table was awesome.  I won’t go over each one again, you all heard me do that at the match.  Shooters, they are listed at http://tacticalshotgunchampionship.com/sponsors-2013/   take the time to send them an email and give them some feedback on their facebooks and the like.


We had 139 total shooters compete.  There were 14 Open shooters, 27 Pump shooters and 98 Tactical shooters.


Congratulations to the match champions.  Rob Romero, Tactical Champion.  Jansen Jones, Pump Champion.  Mark Roth, Open Champion, 2 years in a row.  Rob and Jansen have also won their divisions in the past at this match.  Also to note, the 3 of them are also heavy sponsors in the match, thank you gentleman.


Nordic Components, our Title Sponsor, thanks for your friendship and support.  Kenny, you are a great ambassador to our sport.  Jarmo thanks for stopping out to the range on Sunday afternoon to see what we put together under Nordic’s name.

Thanks to Kevin Roesner for working behind the scenes on the prize table and Shane Zeppelin for his technical support.


Brian Payne, thanks for provided a fair and common sense approach to Range Master responsibly.


Jomar, thanks for spending hundreds of hours making this a successful event.


We will most likely open registration for next year’s match February 1, 2015.


Jay Schmitt

Match Director


Minnesota 3-Gun Group www.mn3gungroup.org