The 3 gun training over the weekend was well attended.  We had shooters sign up who possessed skill levels from having attended major matches out of state to a few who just started shooting 3 gun this past year.  We had 18 shooters attend this event.  We had initially sched the course to accept 24.  I was glad that we had 18 as we were able to rotate everyone through multiple reps.  I kind of lost count of how many rounds were sent over the weekend.  If one of you shooters that attended knows approx what you shot for each gun,  send me an email.

For those who did not attend,  we broke into 2 groups on Saturday and covered a variety of shooting from target to target transitions, slug selection,  shooting on the move, long range shooting, barrel sight offset and a variety of other topics.  We were cut a little short on Saturday by the massive soaking rain but managed to get most of the training in.

We also preached safety with gun abandonment.  A topic that will be covered in an article I will post in the near future.

It rained all night and Sunday did not look like it was going to be good as it rained while I drove to the range.  The range which is mostly sand had dried out very well. Skeeters were thick.  We had nothing but a passing sprinkle on Sunday.  We broke into 4 groups on Sunday morning and tore it up shooting handgun on two training courses and rifle on the other two.  Chris Cazin posted a video of a rifle drill on Facebook.  We took a quick lunch and reset the range for the afternoon.  We ran 2 courses of fire where we incorporated much of training the students received, including shooting on the move, moving into positions, long handgun shots, tight shotgun no shoots, selecting which targets based on shooters strength and stage break down.

To the shooters,  I speak for the other instructors and thank you for your focus and willingness to learn.  I look forward to seeing you all at the next match as you put your skills to the next test.