A couple of upcoming matches:

FLSC Tactical Shotgun Match: For those of you still feeling the need for more shotgun action after the Nordic match, there is another shotgun match at the Forest Lake Sportsmen’s Club this Saturday, July 12th.  Plan for 5 stages, 125 rounds of birdshot and 5 slugs. $20 match fee.  Setup will begin at 8AM, shooting will begin at 10AM if everything is set up.

MN3GG 3-Gun Match at FLSC: MN3GG will be back at the Forest Lake Sportsmen’s Club for a 3-Gun Match on Sunday, July 20th. Plan for 5 stages, minimum of 100 rounds for each gun, plus 10 slugs.  Set-up begins at 7:30AM and as always, the more help, the better. Match registration will be 8:30AM to 9:30AM, match fee is $25. Shooters’ Meeting will begin at 9:30AM if everything is set up, and shooting begins at 10AM.

As always, shotgun ammo for both matches cannot be larger than 7&1/2 shot (no steel shot).  For rifle, no steel core ammo allowed.  If it sticks to a magnet, please don’t bring it.