Thanks to all who attended the match.  I for one was shocked with a turn out of 72 shooters.  The only complaint I heard about how long the match was, was coming from me.  I hope everyone enjoyed  the stages.  We will be working to iron out those issues that made day drag on.  The addition of another stage will probably be one of the solutions.

The scores will be posted here on the website soon.  Thanks for you patience, I hope you all had an enjoyable Easter Sunday.

Look to the Website for a variety of updates prior to the next match on Sunday May 6.  The rules will be in an easier to read file, as well as some additional Range use safety rules.

I forgot to mention this at the brief.  On stage 4,  the 2 intermediate distance MGM flash targets were donated for our use by JP Enterprise’s.  The MGM lollipop was donated by Drazy Metalworks.

For your equipment needs please look to our local suppliers who are listed here on the website.  MN is a major player in the shooting sports industry.