MN 3 Gun Shooters,

I am looking to place an order for T-shirts as I have received multiple requests to have these made.  The shirts will have the MN3GG logo on the left chest and covering the back.  With an order of 20 T-shirts I have a price tag of  about 14 dollars per shirt with tax.  Add 1.50 for a xxl and up.  I can also get long sleeve T’s for an additional 3.50 per shirt.

Please send me an order to my email at   Once we reach the minimum orger I will have a accurate price on the shirts.  I will then ask that if you order one you bring your money to the April 7 match at Minnetonka Game and Fish.   If you can’t make the match we will make arrangements.  I will then have the shirts ready for pick up at the May 6 match which is again at Minnetonka.


The new website is currently up and running.  It will allow me to quickly update information unlike the old site.  It is very user friendly and will allow me to upload the match scores.  With the new site up and running I will NO LONGER be sending out match announcements or scores on the “shooters” email.   All information will be found on the website.  Chatter will continue on facebook and mnguntalk.

I also hope to add a section of training articles and ideas.  If there is something you want to see on the website please let me know.  The site is designed for you.

At the upcomming match, the sign up sheet will be requesting some additional information which will alieviate some discrepancies with the divisions people signed up for.  I will be requesting the type of optic you use on your rifle.  This will aid in making certain you are in the correct division.  I will also use the information at the end of the year to let all the shooters know which are the most popular optics being currently used.    It will also allow data collection on the “limited” division detailing who is shooting true iron sights and who is using zero magnification.

I also wish to know who is new to shooting 3 gun and will request who is new to it this year and who was new to it last year.  It is our hope to provide the absolute best match we can.

Nordic Components is planning on bringing a load of gear to the Minnetonka match.  If you are a new shooter this will be a good time to get an extension for your shotgun or maybe a 48 round pmag extension.