MN3GG is taking on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge MN3GG will be taking on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge during the Shooters’ Meeting of the next 3-Gun match on September 6th at the Forest Lake Sportsmen’s Club.  We welcome any donations during the match registration.  As many of you know, MN3GG collects $5 of the $25 match registration fee to cover its operations and target maintenance/inventory cos…ts.  MN3GG will match all donations dollar for dollar up to the full amount of the MN3GG match operation fee we collect on that day.
Our plan is to challenge good friends and sponsors: Nordic Components and JP Enterprises.  We also plan to challenge our good friends at the Arnzen Arms Shooting Team and all the shooters who proudly wear sponsor shirts.  We welcome anyone who would want to join us taking on the challenge.  As they say…the more, the merrier.  If you would like to join us, please send me a note so we can get the appropriate amount of ice.
And it’s going to be BYOB (Bring Your Own Bucket).