MN3GG 3-Gun Match at FLSC: MN3GG will be back at the Forest Lake Sportsmen’s Club for a 3-Gun Match on Saturday, September 6th. Plan for 5 stages, minimum of 100 rounds for each gun, plus 10 slugs.  Set-up begins at 7:30AM and as always, the more help, the better. Match registration will be 8:30AM to 9:30AM, match fee is $25. Shooters’ Meeting will begin at 9:30AM if everything is set up, and shooting begins at 10AM.

As always, shotgun ammo for both matches cannot be larger than 7&1/2 shot (no steel shot).  For rifle, no steel core ammo allowed.  If it sticks to a magnet, please don’t bring it.

Swap Meet: A few folks wanted to have an informal swap meet. This will be a good opportunity to buy, sell, or trade some equipment from other shooters. We will have this at the clubhouse during registration. As a disclaimer, all trades are private transactions between the buyer and seller. MN3GG and FLSC will have no responsibilities for any items or trades.