Our first outdoor match of the 2017 season will be at SCAPSA on March 11th. Set-up will begin at 7:30AM. As usual, help with set up is needed as this is a volunteer sport. Registrations will be on-site and begins at 8:30AM. The Shooter’s Meeting will begin at 9:30AM if the set-up is complete. Shooting will begin at 10AM.

Expect 5 stages. We recommend you bring 100 rounds each of pistol, rifle, and shotgun ammunition and 10 slugs. NO STEEL CORE AMMO and no shotgun birdshot bigger than #7.5.

We updated our website to have more information about our matches. Please go over and take a look, and please review our match and safety rules prior to the match.

On our website, you’ll also find information on our new Match Sponsorship Program. As we’ve announced over the winter, we have partnered up with a few businesses and companies who are very supportive of our shooting sport. They have generously agreed to provide prizes to give away at our MN3GG matches. Please check out the list of the generous and supportive sponsors, as well as how the prizes will be distributed. Please take a second to check out their Facebook pages and give them a like as a show of thanks.
Arnzen Arms LLC
Atlas Target Works
Gunfighter Targets
Hawkeye Ordnance
Lakes Trading Company
Nordic Components
Shooters Source
ORM Tech Ammunition
Osseo Gun Club & Pro Shop
Sota Arms
Taccom, LLC
Vortex Optics
Weber Tactical

This is going to be an exciting year. We’re looking forward to kicking it off very soon.