Registrations for the 2017 MN3GG Training Courses are now open.  We are excited to offer 3 courses.  Our goal is to provide practical and affordable quality training courses.  The training courses are designed to have a good student-to-instructor ratio, so we could provide a bit of personalized training to each student.  The instructors are all veteran 3-Gunners bringing with them years of experience and top finishes at major matches throughout the United States.

The popular 3-Gun Intro / Skills Development Course will be held twice at different locations.  This course is designed for newer shooters to the sport as well as those shooters who have had limited training in the use of the firearms employed in 3-Gun.  Safety and match procedures will be covered and practiced.

The Handgun Development Course is designed to improve marksmanship and handgun handling skills. This is for experienced law enforcement, military personnel, competitive shooters, and carry permit holders. The course will focus on the development of speed and accuracy skills.

The Rifle and Shotgun Development Course will be held the day after the Handgun Development Course.  The course is designed to improve the marksmanship and handling skills with the rifle and the shotgun.  This course is ideal for law enforcement, military personnel, and competitive shooters, and will supplement the Handgun Development Course for an advanced 3-gun training experience.