Belts are a topic that I have seen in recent matches that I would like to address. CR Speed belts and the like that velcro on, often do not have the retaining ability required by 3 gun. The general weight of 2 AR mags, 3 pistol mags and 20 rounds of shotshells plus a gun is too much for most of these belts if you are relying on the Velcro to hold them on. I have seen multiple people lose their belts on stages. Don’t let it be you and end up DQ’d. I’d suggest purchasing some snap keepers for LE duty belts. I personally run 4 keepers and a locking buckle belt. Belts like the CR speed and the new Safariland work great when keepers are used. Blackhawk, Uncle Mikes and Eagle are inexpensive and work very well.


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