Match set up begins at 0730.   Sign completed and shooters meeting at 0930.  Break out to stages for shooting promptly at 1000.  As with our previous matches we need help with set up.

Round count will be similar to past matches.   The minimum round count is 100 for rifle, handgun, and shotgun.   It is good to have extra on hand for reshoots and follow-up shots. 

We will be running 5 stages, all will be a minimum of 2 guns used per stage.  

T-SHIRTS  –  I have T shirts for those who ordered them.   If you have not paid for them please bring exact payment if possible. 

I am working with Shelly Westover who makes custom injected earplugs.  The cost, I believe, is 60 dollars cash and 65 dollars check.  We need a minimum of 10 people to make this happen.  Please email me   if you are going to want to have a set made so I can get a general count.