The match results are up.  We had 60 shooters attend the match.  The stages tested every skill in the books,  including a few mental ones with stage 1.  If you were not there,  stage 1 limited the shooters ammo.  10 rounds of shotgun for 12 plates, 16 rounds of pistol for 17 shots, and 20 rounds of rifle for 22 shots.  Some doubles had to be taken with the shotgun and single A hits with pistol and rifle.

The weather was good and humid with just a sprinkle of rain.

We had some safety issues.  Please look to the rule page and review them if you are a new shooter. 

The next match we are working on is the Nordic Components Tactical Shotgun match.  This match requires advanced sign up and the link is posted under the local match page.

See you all at the next one.