Match 2 for the year is at Minnetonka Game and Fish on April 27,  that is a Sunday.  As is our standard announcement, set up begins at about 0730.  We can use all the help available and it is a good social hour.  Match registration, as a result of our attendance,  will begin early, 0830.  We would appreciated it if everyone is registered by 0930.  We will have the shooters meeting and get shooting.  We would like rounds downrange right at the 1000 hour.  Standard load out for ammo,  minimum of 100 rounds each of shotgun ( low brass 7 1/2 and 8 shot ), 100 pistol and 100 rifle ( no steel core ),  have 10 slugs on hand.  We will run 5 stages and the match and shoot out to 200 yards.  The match fee is 25 dollars.  I anticipate having 3 Gun T-shirts at the match with a new logo for the year,  15 dollars.

See you there,