WOW!!!  The match filled in just a little over a day.  For those of you who made a trip to the post office to make sure your registration was postmarked on Saturday, February 1st, it was well worth the trip.  All registrations postmarked on February 1st took up just about all the open slots we have.  We now have a waiting list that is growing day by day.

Match confirmations were sent to those who are registered for the match.  Waiting List notifications were also sent.  If you had sent in a registration and had not yet received an email from me, contact me right away.

For those of you in the waiting list, stay very hopeful.  If we get more sponsors this year, we could expand the match and keep it within the 2-day format.  Bear in mind also that we have a quite a number of slots currently blocked off for sponsors who (by the nature of the game) are a vital part in the success of all matches.  Those slots, if unused, will eventually open up to those on the waiting list.

As we get closer to the match date, more information regarding the match will be sent via email and posted on our websites, Facebook pages, and the forums.