MN3GG is busy in the month of June preparing for the Nordic Components Tactical Shotgun Championship.  But our friends has your 3-gun shooting needs covered:

Pine Island Practical Shooters has a 3-Gun Match this Sunday June 7th.

Twin Cities Action Shooting has a 3-Gun Match next Saturday June 13th at the Forest Lake Sportsmen’s Club.  If you have a 9mm carbine or an AK you want to play with, this is the match to bring them.

Forest Lake Sportsmen’s Club has a Tactical Shotgun Match on Sunday June 14th.  This is a good opportunity to get your last practice in before the Nordic Components Match.  Forest Lake Sportsmen’s Club also has two Mini-3-Gun Matches on Tuesday June 9th and Tuesday June 23rd.

And Fargo Moorhead Practical Shooting Association has a 3-Gun Match on Saturday June 27th.

Please check our Match Information Page and the host club’s website for more information.