Recently, we’ve received a number of emails inquiring about the use of suppressors and AR-type Pistols with the Sig Stabilizing Brace in our events.  Here is our stance.



MN3GG Match Rules does not have any restriction on the use of suppressors, and they are legal to use in all divisions.  Suppressors are not compensators that are designed specifically to reduce the felt recoil and muzzle rise.  So the MN3GG Match Rules concerning the size limit of a compensator does not apply to suppressors.

The only MN3GG Match Rule that may apply would be to the detachable suppressors.  Under Rule 5.5, “Competitors will not reconfigure any firearm during the course of a match. (i.e. change caliber, barrel length, shotgun magazine tube length, sighting systems or stock style.)”  If you use a detachable suppressor, it must remain on for the duration of the match.


AR-type Pistols with the Sig Stabilizing Brace (or similar device)

If it’s classified as a “pistol”, then it is a pistol.

Under Rule 4.3.1, the smallest pistol ammunition caliber allowed is 9×19 caliber (9mm).  So AR-type pistols cannot be used as a pistol which also needs a holster per Rule 7.

Rifles are shoulder fired firearms.  Unless the competitor has a Federal Tax Stamp allowing them to have a short barrel rifle, they cannot legally shoulder AR-type pistol with or without the Sig Stabilizing Brace (or similar device) and use it as a rifle.  MN3GG and our host clubs cannot and will not, give permission or allow a firearm to be illegally used during its events and on its premises.

Bear in mind that many of us running MN3GG are full-time law enforcement officers.  Though we don’t mind getting over-time opportunities, we’d really rather not be placed in a position where we have to do that kind of work during our events.