For 2017, MN 3Gun Group have instituted a Local Match Sponsorship Program. Our goal with the program is to get gear from our supporting sponsors into the hands of the everyday shooter. We have a large shooting contingent here in Minnesota, with a large number that only shoots local matches. With many of them not traveling anywhere they are limited in the gear that they come into interaction with. Marketing and advertising on the internet is a very important factor, however we have observed a trend that shooters like to see gear first hand. With us getting products into the hands of local shooters we hope that more will see the products and ultimately make more sales for our supporting sponsors.

A number of generous and supportive sponsors have signed up for the program and have/will be providing products to be given away as prizes for our 2017 League Matches.  The list of sponsors are (in alphabetical order):

Make sure to thank these generous and supportive sponsors.  And support them back by patronizing their businesses.

So now the big question…How do you win the prizes?  The prizes will be given out by random drawings at each of our eight 3-Gun League Matches.   We begin set-up for these matches at 7:30 AM.  Everyone who shows up at the range and help with set-up prior to 8:00 AM will receive 1 ticket for the day’s drawing.  At registrations, everyone will receive 1 ticket when they register for the match on-site.  So those who came early to set-up will have 2 tickets for the day’s drawing.

Majority of the prizes to be given away during the Shooter’s Meeting.  We ask that the winners of each prize allow us to take a picture of them with their prize for our supportive sponsor who donated it.  We also ask all the shooters to hold on to their tickets until after the end of the match.  Reason for that is at the end of the match when the stages are cleaned up, 2-3 more prizes will be drawn for those still present at the range.  The shooter must be present to win, and shooters can only win 1 prize per match.  The extra chances to win is a way of rewarding those who help and work with us in this volunteer sport of ours.