Wow, I’m so glad this match is over, done, finished.  I was so happy to get home, get a quality sit-down home-cooked meal with my family, and finally relax.  I was so exhausted that my wife woke me up from my nap in the shower with the water running.  I finally had a good quality conversation with my pillow, and I plan to have a couple more.  Then I’ll be back at it again to begin preparations for next year’s match.  As tiring as this weekend was with all the work that some with running a major match, it was also some of the most fun I’ve had.


There are so many people to give big thanks you to. 

  • ·         Nordic Components for their continued generous sponsorship and support.  They provided so much equipment for both the actual match and the prize table.  And thanks to Randy Luth and the Del-Tone/Luth Gun Range for providing us a home and support for this match.
  • ·         Match Director Jay Schmitt.  This match would not be possible without the dedication and hard work that Jay has put into it.  The amount of time he put into the preparation for this match is unbelievable.
  • ·         The Match Staff.  Brian Payne was an excellent choice for our Range Master.  His judgment calls on all the issues that came up were fair and just, regardless of whom the shooter was.  Our group of Range Officers was specifically hand-picked for their dedication, reputation, and professionalism.  They arrive to set up 14 stages two days before, shot a marathon 13 stages the day before, then worked straight throughout the match.  All the while never losing their enthusiasm and energy.  All of our staff are strong supporters of our sport and the MN 3-Gun Group, and we’re very fortunate to have them as our friends also.  A big thank you to my best friend and son Caleb who assisted me with the painstaking task of sorting through and entering approximately 1, 694 individual score sheets.
  • ·         The Match Sponsors.  Jay and I wanted so much wanted for everyone who participated to win a prize worth over the amount they paid to get into the match.  With all our great sponsors, I was amazed by their generosity and we we’re able to accomplish that and more.  They made our prize table look absolutely amazing from the top prize to the last prize.
  • ·         Prize Coordinator Kevin Roesner.  From the time we planned this event and Kevin volunteered to be our contact point to all the sponsors, he worked very hard at it all the way through to the match.  Between Kevin and Jay, their work paid off and the prize table was a testament to that.
  • ·         Shane Zeppelin for maintaining our match website and providing us with the match booklets and score sheets.  Thank you also to his daughter who put together each individual competitor bag with the booklet and score sheets.


All the thank you and handshake I received over the weekend seemed to indicate that the match went very well.  We had a few hiccups here and there as any match would, but none made for a big issue.  We tried to give everyone a little something different from stage to stage.  We hope everyone liked the stages, or at least honestly hated it simply because the challenge it presented were more than you can handle.  We welcome any feedback anyone may have. 


One favor I ask of all of you, please take the time to send all the sponsors a thank you note.  At the very least, send a simple thank you note to the sponsor who donated the prize you won.  These thank you notes go a long way in keeping everyone motivated to keep on going.


The final scores are attached.  Congratulations to our Champions who won the unique trophies provided by Nordic Components:

  • ·         Tactical Division:

o   James Casanova – Champion

o   Rob Romero – 2nd Place

o   Mark Hanish – 3rd Place

  • ·         Pump Division:

o   Patrick Kelley – Champion

o   Jansen Jones – 2nd Place

o   Ken Anderson – 3rd Place

  • ·         Open Division:

o   Mark Roth – Champion

o   Duke Seibold – 2nd Place

o   Jesse Tischauser – 3rd Place

  • ·         High Lady – Katie Harris (if someone has a video of Katie shooting stage 10 and giggling the entire time, please send it to me)
  • ·         High Senior – Doug Steltzer
  • ·         High Junior – Stone Dudley
  • ·         High Military/Law Enforcement – Nathan Payne


Big congratulations to Jaden Roesner, our youngest and smallest participant at the age of 12.  Mark Roth generously provided a competition-ready shotgun for a drawing between 3 first time junior shooters and Jaden’s name was drawn.  Jaden shot this match with no expectancy to win and he finished 120th Place overall, so it was a gratifying moment to watch Jaden win this generous gift.


There it is.  So I’m done now again.  Time for me to continue that conversation with my pillow.

Jomar Villamor
Minnesota 3-Gun Group