With the growing popularity of the pistol caliber carbine rifles, MN3GG played around with an un-official carbine division a couple of times last year.  We are now making it an official division in our matches.  The Tactical Carbine Division will be the same as the Tactical Limited Division with the exception of the rifle minimum caliber being the standard 9mm.  Shooters can run iron sights or 1x optic on their carbine rifle.

Tactical Carbine will be limited to target engagements up to 100 yards only for safety reasons as well as the difficulties of seeing or hearing hits on farther targets due to the lighter impact of pistol caliber bullets.  This will affect how the Tactical Carbine division will shoot the long range stages at our matches.  For those long range stages, we will alter the course of fire for the Tactical Carbine shooters only.  It’ll likely be engaging closer targets twice each like we did last year.

We’ve also revised the MN3GG Match and League Rules to address the decreased participations on some of the divisions.  The match rule requiring 3 competitors in a division has long been unenforced and is now removed from the match rules.  Shooters can continue to shoot in any division their equipment complies in without having to worry if the division will be scored as such.  The minimum of 3 competitors in division to be recognized will continue to be required for the MN3GG League.  The League Rules have been revised in the event a division does not have enough competitors.

The revised MN3GG Match Rules and the MN3GG League Rules are now also posted.