Results are posted for today’s MN3GG 3-Gun Match at SCAPSA.

We had a record 93 shooters plus numerous spectators checking out our sport. We expected a high amount of shooters coming out today, but not this many. It is a testament to the growth and popularity of the 3-Gun sport here in Minnesota. It was a long day, but everyone worked hard and we were able to finish in a timely manner. We’ve always admired the 3-Gunners persistence and dedication, and the camaraderie (and humor) is unmatched.

Though the day did not go without incidents (a couple of match DQ’s and stage DQ’s, we’re glad to see that everyone had a great time and that there was no report of any injuries. A big thanks to Bill and SCAPSA for always being a great host. SCAPSA is where MN3GG had its debut, and we always value our partnership. Thanks also to all of you who came out early to help with set-up, and stayed late to make sure everything was cleaned up.

Our next match will be at MGFC on April 24th. For those of you heading to the Missouri 3-Gun Championship next weekend, have a safe travel and a good and safe time. We’ll see you down there.