This will be the standard type match you have all come to love.  We will shoot on the 200 yard bay.  We will shoot a 3-Gun Nation Classifier, so bring 3 dollars cash in addition to the match fee of 20.  We will be bringing back, by popular demand,  the double spinners, 1 with the handgun, 1 with the shotgun.  No slugs needed.  Plan on the usual round count.  100 rounds of rifle, pistol and shotgun, but bring extra or bring a friend with extra.   Review the rules before coming to the match please,  Jomar updated them.


0745 at the range for set up.   Registration from 0830 to 0930.  0930 sharp for match brief.


Reminder,  our autopoppers got shot to crap at the last match.  More than 1 person,  I estimate 3 to 4 shooters were using green tip or steel core russian crap ammo.   If it was you,  you owe us some money.   Many of the 3 gun specific targets are through donations.   I have to replace 4 plates.   Step forward if it was you and get ahold of me privately,  It will be between you and I.  We will be testing you ammo for steel core.