We are headed back to the SCAPSA range on Oct,4, 2014.  As in the past we get started at around 0730 with set up and 0930 with shooters briefing.  Be there early for set up and will start registration early.  Registration needs to get going by 0830 in order to get all though.  I also need to ask you to all look at the squad lists carefully.  We ended up with a squad of mostly new people at Forest Lake for the last match.  Pick a couple shooters you like to hang with and help us balance the squads.  The obviouse benefit to this is a match that runs more timely.

We will have 5 stages.    25 dollar match fee.   Bring enough ammo.  100 rounds of pistol, rifle and shotgun should get you through the match,  plan ahead and always bring a little extra,  or bring a friend with extra.  Also have 10 slugs on hand.  Although we are limited with distance at SCAPSA be assured that there will be  challenges.  If you are shooting Blue Ridge in Oct you may want to bring slings as we will try and provide you some appropriate practice with them.

Please take a few moments and refresh your memory by reading over the rules and safety page.  No steel core ammo.   NO F’ing STEEL CORE AMMO.  Clear enough.  Many of you know that a shooter burned an armor piercing round through some steel at Forest Lake.  Unacceptable, period.


Long winded on a couple of things, can’t wait to shoot.