For this next match there will be one stage that will be a 3GunNation Classifier Stage. This stage will be part of the new Club Series designed by 3GunNation to try to attract new shooters to the sport. Numerous Shooting Clubs from around the country have signed up for the Club Series and they will be putting on classifier stages throughout the year. Shooters that have signed up to be members of this series will have their scores entered into a database that can be compared against other shooters from around the country that have shot the same stages. NOTE: Shooters DO NOT have to become members to shoot these matches, or the particular classifier stage at the match. But also to be noted is that there will be numerous great prizes given out through random draw to club series members. Each classifier that they shoot puts there name into the hat for a better chance to draw a prize. Prizes consist of Remington Versa-max shotgun, AR trigger, and numerous other nice products.

I forgot to add that the prizes that will be given away, are prizes that are given away from just the MN3GunGroup. So your entry by shooting these stages as a Club Series Member is like another raffle ticket thrown into the pot, but the pot is just for our area. Pretty good chances for good prizes.

To become a member, go to

click on the “Membership” tab, then click “Club Series”, then move to the the “Register to Compete” tab. Once you go through the registration process you will be brought to your personal page. If you click on your “Bio” tab you will see how to create a bio if you wish, but more importantly it will have your member number listed there. You will need that number so your scores get placed in the proper location. On this same page there is “Stages” tab at the upper right. If you click that tab you will get a list of all of the currently available stage descriptions. We are hoping to run “3GN 01-13 Down and Dirty” at this next match. Members that wish to have their score sent to 3GunNation to entered in the Club Series scores will pay a $3.00 administration fee for each classifier that is sent in.

That being said,  if you are shooting the match you need to bring 3 dollars cash,  If you don’t bring the 3 dollars you will not get scored.