Wow,  what a turnout at 77 shooters on a rainy November day took on the task of 5 heavy round count stages.  We had a large group show up for set up which made that task go real smooth.  This 2 gun match was very successful.  We managed to get everyone through by about 1630 hrs. No small task with that number of competitors.   We had what must have been close to 20 new shooters.  I hope we had enough blasting for everyone to hold them through until spring.   From what I saw and heard the new shooters were safe on the range.  A lot of questions were asked and advice taken.   I did hear a few reports of some unsafe gun handling and manipulation.   This does happen at every match, but  we all need to play this game together and learn form all mistakes, ours and those of others.

That said,  if you are one of those whose manipulation skills were pushed to the max look here in the future for and update on the Skills Builder that we will host in the spring.

Congratulations to Clint Gerner for winning the Remington Versa Max shotgun from the 3 Gun Nation club series.  Eric Whitt,  you won the hyperfire trigger.  That item was not sent to us,  when we get it, it is yours.

The season was great,  I will have some information on the breakdown of new shooters as well as the scope usage date I have been collection off the registrations.  Look for that here in the future.

Scores will be posted soon once they score sheets dry out.  Thank you Jomar and team Villamor for taking on that daunting task.

The Minnesota 3 Gun Group thanks you  for a rewarding year of putting on 3 gun matches.