This info comes from Bob Jahn.   I have take a class from Mike in the past and can tell you he is and excellet instructor.




Ok shooters we have a new date for 3 Gun Class ,* its now July 20 and 21*,
and still at Forest Lake Sportsmen with all the same terms. We just new a
few more folks to sign up for it to happen

All the details are on my website at Mike Seeklander’s website is updated too at

Mike Seeklander may attend, based on his travel schedule. Highly rated 3
Gunner and USPSA Grand Master Erik Lund’s is confirmed, his shooting
profile is at

Need Ammo? I have a friend in WI who has more than 10 cases of Magtech
55gr FMJ 1,000 round cases in his garage. He is willing to sell it for $550
a thousand and ship the sealed factory case to students in this class for
the $550 plus actual shipping costs. I know $.55 a round is not cheap, but
it is decent ammo and he has it, with no sales tax. I’ll give his contact
info to anyone who signs up, it may go quickly, so as John Farnam would say
don’t dither….

Also a shout out to Jomar V, a real asset to local shooters. Jomar will be
publishing this on their MN 3 Gun Facebook and web page. He and Chief Bryan
Payne have both publicly said Erik and Mike are great shooters, competitors
and trainers, we have a great facility managed by Ron Westberg to host the
event. I promise no snow in July. If you want high quality 3 Gun training
sign up now!

*Bob Jahn* NRA CRSO, IDPA CSO & 5 Gunner
NRA Certified/IALEFI Master Instructor Rifle, Pistol & Shotgun
MN PTC Instructor,Utah CFP Instructor
Massad Ayoob Group Instructor
Instructor DTI ( John Farnam)