The drawing for the 3 Gun Nation’s Club Series Remington Versa Max Prize Drawing will be held during the Shooters’ Meeting at the MN3GG’s 2-Gun Match on November 16th at the Minnetonka Game & Fish.  You don’t need to be present to win. 

The eligibility rules for the shotgun drawing are simple:

  1. You must be a member of the 3 Gun Nation;
  2. you must have attended a MN3GG match where there was a classifier stage(s) and the member paid the fee to have your scores submitted for the Club Series;
  3. each match attended will earn you 1 entry into the drawing;
  4. MN3GG had put on 4 matches with classifier stages, making the maximum of 4 entries possible.

The Eligibility List is attached below.  Please review it and bring any discrepancies to my attention as soon as possible and before noon on November 15th.  Note that there are 3 individuals who have participated in the MN3GG matches and paid the submitting fee, but are not currently 3-Gun Nation members.  Those individuals need to become 3-Gun Nation members before noon on November 15th to remain eligible for the drawing.

As it stands right now, there are 55 individuals with 117 total entries for the drawing.  For those of you who participated in all 4 events and have 4 entries, your chances of winning are 1 out of 29.25.  3 entries give you 1 out of 39 chances.  2 entries give you 1 out of 58.5 chances.  And 1 entry of course is 1 out of 117 chances.

This Remington Versa Max has a value of around $1,300.  For that reason, the integrity of the drawing is important to us (not to mention that Jay and I are also included in the drawing).  The procedure for the drawing is as follows:

  1. each eligible entry is on individual evenly-cut pieces of paper with the individual’s name on it;
  2. all entries will be in a container and shaken before a selected person draws 1 entry;
  3. that drawn entry will be announced as the winner of the shotgun;
  4. the container and remaining entries will then be made accessible to anyone who may want to review them for whatever purpose.

The winner of the shotgun will have to make arrangements with Security & Police Equipment for the necessary FFL transfer at a later date.  The winner will be responsible for the FFL transfer fee of $20.

Good luck to everyone!

Jay & Jomar

MN3GG – 3GN Shotgun Drawing Eligibility List