MARCH 15TH (Saturday): 3-Gun Match at SCAPSA.

APRIL 26TH (Saturday): 3-Gun Intro/Skills Builder Course at SCAPSA.  

APRIL 27TH (Sunday): 3-Gun Match at MGFC.

MAY 18TH (Sunday): 3-Gun Match at PIPS. 

MAY 31ST-JUNE 1ST (Saturday-Sunday): Advanced 3-Gun Skills Course at FLSC

JUNE 28TH-29TH (Saturday-Sunday): 4th Annual Nordic Components Tactical Shotgun Championship at FLSC.  

JULY 6TH (Sunday):  3-Gun Match at PIPS.

JULY 20TH (Sunday): 3-Gun Match at FLSC.

SEPTEMBER 6TH (Saturday): 3-Gun Match at FLSC.

SEPTEMBER 28th (Sunday):  3-Gun Match at PIPS.

OCTOBER 4TH (Saturday): 3-Gun Match at SCAPSA.

NOVEMBER 15TH (Saturday): 2-Gun (Rifle/Handgun) Match at MGFC.


For all matches listed (Tactical Shotgun Championship excluded):

  • Set-up begins at 7:30AM
  • Shooters Registration begins at 8:30AM
  • Match fee will be around $25
  • Shooters’ Meeting will be at 9:30AM
  • Shooting begins at 10:00AM (if everything is set and completed)

We try to have 5 stages (course of fire) at each match if the conditions allow.  In average, it is recommended that shooters bring a minimum of 100 rounds for each of their guns, and 10 slugs just in case we may incorporate slug targets into the match.  No steel-core or incendiary ammo is allowed.  If the bullet (not the casing) sticks to a magnet, don’t bring it.  Largest bird shot allowed is 7½ shot.

Scores and match updates are posted in our website and on our Facebook page.  We also post frequently on the MNGunTalk, MNGunSite, and MN USPSA forums.

Safety is our top priority.  Please familiarize yourself with our Match Rules and the Cold Range Rules we operate by.

Information regarding the 3-Gun Intro/Skills Builder Course and the two-day Advanced 3-Gun Skills Course will be announced soon.  Information on the 4th Annual Nordic Components Tactical Shotgun Championship will also be announced soon.

We look forward to having you join us.  If you have any questions, contact Jay or Jomar.