Nordic Components and the Minnesota 3-Gun Group (Facebook) are pleased to announce the 4th Annual Tactical Shotgun Championship (Facebook) to be held on June 28th-29th, 2014.  We will again have 14 fun and challenging stages with a high round count that will make feel your shotgun heat up.  The same wonderful and generous sponsors that provided for our great prize table are once again in line to do so, and we are working to add even more. 

This match will be held at the Forest Lake Sportsmen’s Club in the beautiful Forest Lake in the outskirts of the Minneapolis/St Paul Metro Area.   The club offers a spacious shooting area spread over 100 acres of land.  The area features numerous hotels and venues as well as numerous attractions.

Registrations will open in January.  Slots will be limited.  Last year, we reached our max and had over 2 dozen people on the waiting list.  The match website will soon be updated to provide more match info. Contacts for the match will be Jay at and Jomar at