Our next 3 gun is back at SCAPSA on October 5.  We will have 4 to 5 stages planned for your enjoyment.  As always prepare with 100 rounds each for rifle,  handgun,  shotgun (birdshot). Also have 10 slugs on hand.  We will our final 3 Gun Nation classifier so you need 3 dollars extra if you are shooting for points.

Set up at 0730.  To expideite and get us shooting by 1000 we will begin registration early, so please be on site to begin registration by 0830. 

We are going to allow shooters to have slung long guns for the SCAPSA 3-Gun Match on October 5th.  Some of the stages will be designed specifically for this.  For those of us that will be attending the Blue Ridge 3-Gun where slings are used, this would make for a good practice.

Slings will not be mandatory, just allowed for those who may want to use one for practice.  For those who choose not to use a sling, their long guns will be pre-staged as usual.  It is actually faster to use a staged gun rather than a slung one.

The rules of using a slung gun is that it will be COMPLETELY UNLODADED (magazine removed and/or no ammunition loaded) and the bolt must be open.  The 180-rule will apply the moment the shooter transitions to the slung gun and begin to load it.  At no point should a magazine or any ammo be inserted into the gun until the barrel is pointed downrange.