MN3GG 3-Gun match at Forest Lake Sportsmen’s Club this Sunday 5/22/201.

As usual, we’ll get started at around 7:30AM with set up and 9:30AM with the shooters’ briefing. Help with set-up is always appreciated. The earlier we get set-up, the earlier we could start registrations.

No steel core ammo. 5 stages. $25 match fee. Bring enough ammo. 100 rounds of pistol, rifle and shotgun should get you through but always bring some extra. Have 10 slugs on hand.

Slings will be optional for this match. Some may find it advantageous to have, but completely unnecessary if you don’t have or want to run one. We will discuss the rules with them at the match.

Please take a few moments and refresh your memory by reading over the rules and safety page.

And I’ll say it now…don’t load all your mags full.

– Jomar