The final MN3GG match for the year is the 2-Gun (Rifle/Handgun) Match at the Minnetonka Game & Fish Club on Saturday November 14.  As usual, we’ll get started at around 7:30AM with set up and 9:30AM with the shooters’ briefing. Be there early for set up and we’ll start registration early. No steel core ammo. Anticipate 5 stages. $25 match fee. Bring a minimum of 150 rounds for each gun. Please take a few moments and refresh your memory by reading over the rules and safety page.

For this match, we will have a Carbine Division added on to the regular 5 divisions.  Rules for the carbine is the same as Tactical Limited with just a pistol-caliber rifle instead of a regular rifle.  1x Optics will be allowed on the rifle.  Those shooting in the Carbine Division will have a slightly different course of fire for the long range stage.  Basically, carbine shooters will not be shooting past 100 yards (for safety reasons), but will have to engage all the targets 100 yards and under twice each instead of just once each for regular rifles.