A couple of rule changes pertaining to the Heavy Optics and the Heavy Limited (formerly Heavy Metal) effective immediately:


Rifle – Heavy Limited Division
Rule 6.14.3 Rifles may be equipped with mechanical sights or 1x optics only. Only one sighting system may be used. Back-up Iron Sights (BUIS) may be on the gun but must remain folded. In the event the electronic sight goes down the RO must be notified before the stage starts. At this time the electronic sight must be removed for the remainder of the match and the BUIS can be used. Either a fixed front or rear sight may be on the gun, but not both at the same time.

Reasoning: We have been unofficially allowing 1x Optics in the division for some time now, and we decided to make it official. The rule now mirrors that of Tactical Limited (Rule 6.8.3). With this rule change, Heavy Metal Division is now renamed as Heavy Limited Division.


Rule Heavy Optics and Heavy Limited only require 1 hit on paper with rifle to neutralize.

Reasoning:  This rule is becoming a common trend at major matches to off-set the cost of 308 ammo, attempt to increase participation in the Heavy Divisions, and give a bit of recognition to the power of a 308 round. It was recommended by a few of our shooters, and we waited until we shot the Missouri 3-Gun Championship which had the rule in place to try it for ourselves and evaluate it.

Jomar Villamor and Chris Cazin both shot in the Heavy Divisions at the Missouri 3-Gun Championship and they determined that though it was tempting to save on cost by shooting one round at a paper target, they had to weigh the benefit versus the consequences. With the traditional 5-second Fail to Neutralize Penalty no longer applying to the Heavy Divisions, shooting a paper target just once and missing will cost a heftier 10-second Un-Hit Target Penalty. Making the decision to shoot just one round per paper target became a challenge on its own.

After much discussion, we made the decision to implement this rule into our match rules. Note that this rule change only applies to the rifles and not the handgun.


The complete revised rules has been posted.