Where:  SCAPSA, Clearwater, MN

When:  April 25,2015   0800 hours

Cost: $50.

This is a 1 day course designed around introductory skills of 3 gun.  The course will be limited to 40 shooters.  The day is designed for newer shooters to the sport as well as those shooters who have had limited training in the use of the firearms employed in 3 gun.  On the following day, April 26, a 3 gun match will be available at Minnetonka Game and Fish to further work on your skill set.

Handgun shooting will cover shooting at different size and types of targets. Manipulation of the gun as it relates to transitions to another firearm will also be covered.

The Rifle will center around the proper manipulation of the AR15.  We will discuss and utilize the multiple shooting positions you are likely to see in a 3 gun match.

The Shotgun will also focus on manipulation, choke choice and loading equipment.  If you do not have loading equipment we will be able to provide you will some to borrow.  If you can hold 8 rounds in your loading equipment you will have enough for this class.  If you want to buy some, contact me and we will discuss the best options for you.  Take a look here for shotgun loading info,

Your instructors are veteran 3 gunners bringing with them years of experience from shooting major matches throughout the United States.

If interested reply via email FIRST, I will register you at that time.  When I reply and tell you we have an available slot, you may then confirm registration by mailing a check for 50 dollars to MN3GG, PO BOX 29844, Minneapolis, MN 55429.  I will hold the slot for you at that time for 2 weeks.  If no payment is received I will open the slot up to the next person on the waiting list.

Questions and Registrations  to