We’re 5 matches into the season with 2 more qualifying matches left this season.  As per the league rules, everyone qualifies in the league standings despite how many matches they shoot.  But “only the top scores from the highest simple majority of available 3-Gun matches will be used to determine the total league points”.  That means that with 7 qualifying matches scheduled this year, only your top 4 scores will be used to determine your standing.  So for the few that have shot all 5 matches so far this year, your lowest score has been dropped.

League winners will receive awards trophies at the end of the year, so keep fighting for them.  The competition is particularly hot in Tactical Optics where all 3 top spots are up for grabs.  Open Divisions tops spots are also up for grabs.  2nd and 3rd Place in Tactical Limited is also still up for grabs.